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WWE 2K19

by Take 2
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The lights! The roar! The sweaty men grappling with each other! Yep, WWE is back on our consoles with WWE 2K19, and it's as bombastic as ever. While it's arguably difficult to tell whether the WWE games are sports titles or beat-'em-ups, one new feature definitely leans into the latter category. The 2K Tower mode is reminiscent of recent Mortal Kombat games in allowing players to set up matches with specific restrictions such as no aerials to make you flex muscles you might not in a regular match. Leaning back towards 2K Sports' offerings, however, is the return of 2K Showcase. This time out it follows the difficult career of Daniel Bryan. It's a great way for wrestling fans to relive iconic moments from WWE history, such as Bryan's opening match against the then-new John Cena in which you'll need to try to get Cena into a standing arm grapple. Bryan himself provides narration, giving players a deep dive into his history. Of course, your customization options are back in force. MyUniverse mode enables you to create everything from managers to belts for your own TV season of WWE. MyPlayer, meanwhile, offers a huge array of options for creating your own wrestler from their ring style through to their wardrobe.

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