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Watch Dogs Legion

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DedSec, the perennial goody hackers of the Watch Dogs universe, are back. This time, they're playing for the future of London. There's a twist, though - in truly democratic (or, more accurately, anarchic) style, anyone in London can be an agent of DedSec now. That sounds like a nominal tagline - like maybe there are 30 or so NPCs littered across the game's open world who you can track down and recruit. In fact, there are some nine million NPCs in Britain's capital, and they can all be pulled into your mission. Hence the 'Legion' part of the title. You start with a single character who's been contacted by DedSec about taking down the sinister corporation Albion, but from there you can recruit and play as any Londoner you like. They all have their own backstory (it's usually a bit weird - they're procedurally generated, after all), look and skills, and they lend a wonderfully anarchic feel to how you approach the game. Sure, you might have an estate agent who's good with their fists and a cat-loving contract killer on the books, but how about a construction worker with a massive drone he can ride around on, or a young furry with a robot spider you can pilot? It turns the city into a huge open, hackable playground full of weird and wonderful possibilities for your characters. Between the different characters you can play as and your wizard-like ability to hack any number of the city's automated functions, Watch Dogs: Legion offers a delightful sandbox for you to muck around in. And, sure, why not take down the shadowy authoritarian corporation while you're at it?

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