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The Quarry

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In spirit, The Quarry picks up right where the Dark Pictures Anthology series left off, continuing developer Supermassive Games' streak of cinematic thrills and spills delivered by way of narrative gameplay flavoured with '80s horror. The action takes place in a summer camp on the night after the kids have all been sent home. Now, it's just the crew of camp councillors spending a last night in an abandoned quarry. What could possibly go wrong...? Well, to some extent that's up to you. You'll rotate through the cast, making lightning-fast decisions and playing quicktime events that will determine which of them live and which of them die. Most games give you a pretty good shot at making the right decisions (even if you're not skilled enough to execute them) - collect these resources, kill this monster, save this NPC, etc. But life doesn't work like that, and neither does The Quarry. That door you didn't bother to open earlier might come back to haunt you. Wrestling for that shotgun might SEEM like a good idea, but is it? It's the cumulative effect of all these decisions that will determine which of your characters will live, and which will die...

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