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The Escapists 2

by Team17
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£4.99 - £4.99
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The Escapists is back, and unfortunately for your convict the prisons are bigger than ever! If you had to boil The Escapists down to one sentence, it might be 'a survival game without the survival'. That might sound like a game with no point, but in fact what the series does is take the elements of survival games - scavenging, exploration, crafting, watching your back - and re-purposes them. The key to victory here is still gathering, building and mastering your environment, but rather than trying to stay alive you're trying to escape the clink. In fact, you can't really die. What you can do is get caught, have all the stuff you've been gathering taken away from you and find yourself under more scrupulous surveillance than ever - all bad news if you want to get out of there. The effect is a different rhythm to survival games. As well as gathering the things you need and plotting your escape, you'll need to follow the prison's routines and try to find and exploit gaps in which to get on with your real project. And there are a LOT of different ways to escape. The prisons have got bigger, with multiple floors, vents, roofs and tunnels, and they're in locations ranging from the frigid Fort Tundra to a train speeding through the desert to the final frontier! The ways you might escape are myriad, too. There are traditional options such as digging your way out with a spoon, more creative opportunities such as crafting an audio boom and posing as a member of a film crew, ranging to the downright ghoulish, such as the option to put together a concoction of medicines with which to fake your own death! As well as an expanded scope, this outing brings in a brand new combat system, character customisation and even the chance to cooperate or compete with other convicts in multiplayer mode!

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