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Sonic Forces

by Sega
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Sonic Generations made a splash back in 2011 when it captured the magic of old side-scrolling Sonic the Hedgehog games and blended them with the 3D stylings of modern titles starring the spiky speedster. Now, Sonic Team is coming back to the formula and adding a little something extra into the mix to spice things up. Dr. Eggman has taken over much of the world with the help of a mysterious and diabolical new villain named Infinite and (this bit might not surprise you) it falls to you to stop him. Help Sonic build an army to take the world back and defeat the forces of chaos and destruction. Engage in some old school fast-paced side-scrolling platforming as Classic Sonic, recapturing the feel of those early games on the Master System and Mega Drive (with the help of slick HD graphics, of course). Playing as Modern Sonic, defeat enemies at a blistering pace in a three dimensional world ripe for exploration. And, in a brand-new addition to the Sonic series, create your own avatar to defeat enemies with tricked out weapons such as the lightning gun or jetpack, creating a hero who's all your own. This is a game with plenty of action for Sonic fans old and new with one thing guaranteed - it's going to be fast paced and frenetic!

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