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Resident Evil: Village

by capcom
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£19.99 - £19.99
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Resident Evil 7 strode the line between horror infested creep-'em-up and all-out action game, leaving some fans wishing it had picked a lane. The latest entry, however, is firmly in the more old school resi tradition of trying to fill your pants with a devastating sense of dread. That's not to say, however, that there aren't plenty of moments for you to fire off some shots - you'll just be doing it sparingly and with seriously frayed nerves. Series hero Ethan Winters is back for this one, but when another series protagonist, Chris Redfield, throws his life into chaos, Ethan finds himself in an Eastern European village that's been beset by all manner of gut-twisting horrors. There are some truly chilling (and seriously weird) nasties out to get you, and the village itself feels like a living breathing character that's out to get you. Absolutely everything is in short supply in this place, so as well as picking up the items you need you'll have to craft them, too, with more crafting recipes becoming available as you progress. Don't expect two-fisted gunplay - rather, be prepared to hole up in whatever foxhole you can find as you get swarmed with monsters and have to fight for every last second of your life. Furthermore, the first-person perspective makes every one of these encounters horribly, delightfully in-your-face. If it all reminds you a bit of series classic Resident Evil 4, that's no accident. This is a real return to Resident Evil's dank, atmospheric survival horror roots.

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