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Pro Evolution Soccer 2016

by Konami
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After not faring so well in the videogame football wars for a few years, Pro Evolution Soccer made quite a comeback with its 2015 edition, winning heaps of critical praise and becoming a real contender to the mighty FIFA. The series is, of course, back for another instalment, staying true to the last game's doubling down on playability but bringing a host of tweaks and improvements. Loads of new animations have been added, for starters, meaning that lots of what you do on the field feels contextual without the need to fiddle around with lots of buttons. The 1v1 player control has been enhanced and response times sped up, making it easier to manoeuvre in a tight spot and throw opponents off their balance. Similarly, perfectly timing a tackle will throw the player off the ball allowing defenders to secure it and immediately turn the tables. Alongside that, collision has also been improved, ramping up the physicality of how the football feels and plays. Aerial battles benefit from this too, and players can use the left stick to take on a the opposition and disrupt a larger, more powerful player. Master League has had a revamp and looks a bit more like FIFA's career mode, adding more information to give greater depth and increasing the importance of how you use youth players. My Club has received significant new additions, too. Now you're not stuck with a rubbish player, and showing a little faith in them and putting them on the pitch will start to see them slowly level up and improve their stats. For football fans, PES 2016 is a serious contender.

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