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Monster Hunter Rise

by capcom
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£14.99 - £14.99
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Rise to the challenge and join the hunt!

Go on a hunt wherever you want, whenever you want in Monster Hunter Rise! Freely explore sweeping landscapes inspired by ancient Japan, slay ferocious wild monsters solo or co‑operatively with friends, and forge powerful weapons and armour from your spoils in this sprawling action RPG.

Kamura needs you!

The sighting of a terrifying monster of legend signals the return of a catastrophic event, which threatens to bring chaos to Kimura Village. With the aid of the village elder and the local residents, you must sharpen your hunting skills and save this peaceful settlement from an onslaught of monsters.

New ways to hunt!

From the Wire bug that allows players to zip through the air and wreak havoc by taking control of monsters to the invaluable support offered by new buddies like the Pala mutes, Monster Hunter Rise is brimming with new ways to explore and hunt your quarry.

Here they come!

From ferocious new foes like the fearsome Magna Malo to fan favourites like the Tigre and Mistune, a bevy of huge beasts await those brave enough to take up arms against them. Here are just a few of the behemoths that'll you'll encounter in the wild.

A call to arms

Gigantic blades, sharp lances, hefty hammers, ranged blowguns and more - you're sure to find several favourites among the arsenal of 14 unique weapons on offer.

The last line of defence

To protect Kimura Village from invading monsters, the villagers have built a sturdy stronghold. On certain quests, you'll be asked to hold the fort by laying traps and setting up turrets while under siege from a relentless horde of frenzied monsters. It won't be easy, but the rewards for defending the stronghold are sure to be worth it.

Strength in numbers

Every hunter knows that nothing beats the thrill of teaming up to topple titans, it's even easier to form a hunting party!

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