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Metro Redux

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Metro Redux takes two bleak, twisted first-person action games and brings them to the next generation of games consoles. In Metro 2033, based on the novel of the same name, players battle in a devastated wasteland to survive. Dmitry Glukhovsky's urban tale takes place in a post-apocalyptic Moscow, where the capital's Metro train line becomes the only safe haven for humanity. With the world destroyed by an apocalyptic event, the surface of the Earth becomes uninhabitable, and those who dare to go outside must face deadly sunlight, a lack of oxygen and mutated creatures that lurk in the darkness. Presented as a first person shooter, with a hint of underground town exploration, Metro 2033 adds some interesting elements to the genre, including a reduction of the HUD and a reliance on visual cues to survive topside. Bullets double as both your ammo and as currency for purchasing better weapons. Metro: Last Light picks up the story of its predecessor and takes it in a surprising new direction. It's a first-person shooter with thought. Weapons feel weighty but never overpowering, especially when faced with some of the mutant enemies that litter the landscape - wolf-like Watchmen, creepy spider-ants, oversized piranha fish... and not forgetting the patrolmen for every human faction in Moscow, with the city currently in civil war. The two games encouraged slightly different play styles, but this repackaging cross-pollinates them. Players can take the slower, survival-horror style of 2033 and play both campaigns that way. Like-wise, the 'spartan' play style can be applied to both games for a faster, more action-heavy experience. Redux also includes the super-tough 'ranger' mode, and all the previously released DLC. All in all, it stacks up to an impressive 50 hours of FPS gameplay!

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