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Mega Man 11

by capcom
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£5.99 - £5.99
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As Mega Man 11 hits shelves it's been eight - count them, EIGHT - years since a new Mega Man game. Mighty No. 9, a spiritual successor to the beloved series, scratched the itch for some fans, but many others came away just wanting more of the Blue Bomber himself. What a relief, then, that he's back in a game that sticks close to the series' tough platforming roots delivered with glossy current-generation graphics. Long-time moustachioed series villain Dr. Wily is back to his nefarious ways with a plan first concocted when he was at Robot University, studying alongside the benevolent Doctor Light, creator of Mega Man. Fortunately, Doctor Light also remembers the idea and decides to install the Double Gear system in our titular hero, giving him a whole raft of new abilities! Now, alongside the traditional running, jumping and sliding Mega Man's been doing for years, he has some cool new tricks to call on when the need arises. The Speed Gear allows him to slow down time, dealing with tricky platforming sections or fast-moving enemies; the Power Gear takes the Mega Blaster to all-new levels and the Double Gear, a hidden ability that kicks in when our hero's at critical health, enabling him to access both gears simultaneously! At it's core, though, Mega Man 11 is what the series has always been - a tough platforming with plenty of wild shooting action to test even the steeliest nerves!

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