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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

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The clue's on the box, really. Three massive BioWare RPGs spanning the vastness of space, a ton of DLC, a slick ultra HD makeover and one tiny little box! Coming from the team that brought us the likes of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Jade Empire, Mass Effect offers a huge science fiction universe to explore, populated by a rich galactic culture. Players take on the role of Commander Shepard, the first and only human Spectre, entrusted with keeping law and order in the galaxy. Unfortunately, the reason you're the first and only human Spectre is that no one really trusts us fleshy humans, so when you encounter a grave danger that threatens the universe, it's going to be you that has to deal with it. The game features what at the time was probably the deepest and most varied conversation system ever seen in a game, and players are able to establish Shepard as the character they want him to be. The way you handle yourself in conversation and the choices you make will affect the ultimate outcome of the game. Combat is squad-based, with you at the helm. Not only will you need to control your team, but you'll also need to handle yourself in real-time shoot 'em up combat, with close monitoring of the weapons you're using, and health and armour strength essential to winning through. Mass Effect 2 is the Empire Strikes Back of the trilogy - there's a new evil force at work. Human colonies are being silently abducted from their homes around the galaxy, and without even knowing his foe, Shepard's got his work cut out for him. Teeming up with a ruthless human survival organisation called Cerberus, the Commander must find the most elite space warriors and navigators to join his team and stop the human race from being mysteriously wiped out. Shepard's mission is, against all the odds, suicide - but to save humanity, it's worth a shot. Train and equip your chosen teammates to ensure they have your back covered during the most difficult battles, and explore the far reaches of the galaxy to scan planets and uncover clues pertaining to your mission. You can also discover secret optional missions that will help change the course of your entire game - multiple endings can be seen depending on your approach to this bleak mission. As ME3 rolls around, the Reapers are on the warpath once more - but this time they're heading for Earth! The game follows the same action/RPG formula as its predecessors, though things have gotten a little more explosive. As in previous games, you can earn skill points as you progress and defeat Husks, Cerberus soldiers and other enemies, and they can be spent on a skill tree so that various abilities and power-ups can be upgraded. Your AI-controlled squad can also be levelled up in the same way, and each space squaddie has their own skills that are dependent on their character class. Kaiden is able to use a Barrier technique which can help shield you in space, as well as an Overload function that can take out enemy armour. Conversation trees and upgrades aside, though, expect things to get hairy when you have to pull your gun and start cracking out those special abilities! If Mass Effect 2 was BioWare's Empire Strikes Back, expect the third game in the series to have a dash of Return of the Jedi. In other words, expect something epic.

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