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F1 2021

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F1 2021, the official game of the 2021 Formula One season, lands with a host of updates big and small. The headline, though, is undoubtedly the two-player story mode 'Braking Point'. It's not the first time Codemasters has injected some narrative into the F1 series, but this is certainly their most ambitious attempt. The story spans two seasons, with racing action interspersed with cutscenes peppered by familiar faces and voices. It starts as the story of an upstart driver but successfully weaves around your expectations to make for a satisfying tale grounded in the politics of the paddocks. Elsewhere, the MyTeam career mode returns, offering you the chance to steer (literally and figuratively) your team through 10 years of F1 racing. Both online and split screen multiplayer are present and accounted for too, and of course F1 fans won't be disappointed by the inclusion of 20 drivers and 10 teams from the official Formula One season!

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