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Evil West

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To suss out the vibe, the tone, the pace of Evil West, cast your mind back a decade or so. Think Bulletstorm, or maybe Painkiller. Consider God of War...3? Evil West is fast, and it's furious, and it's chaotic but also straightforward. And, if you want to get technical, it's a third-person hack-'n'-slash with shoot-'em-up elements. So, anyway, a dark threat looms over the American frontier. Fortunately there's you, one of the sole remaining agents in a deeply secretive vampire-hunting institute, and you're the last line of defence against the evil now rising from the shadows. Your job, basically, is to become an electric superhero of the Old West, raining glorious pain on a variety of monstrosities while acquiring a series of deeply satisfying perks and upgrades that will, by the end of the game, make you akin to a god. Play with a pal in co-op if you like, or simply pound, slash, eviscerate and blast your way across the weird (and evil, of course) West like a badass lone gunman.

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