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Call of Duty: Vanguard

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With Vanguard the mighty Call of Duty franchise returns to World War II, with Sledgehammer Games taking the allied fight to multiple fronts on the global stage. Defend Stalingrad in a deadly sniper battle, blow holes in advancing forces in North Africa and engage in tense dogfights over the Pacific. This is exactly the kind of blistering combat Call of Duty is known for! The story focuses on Task Force One, an elite squad of international fighters who serve as the precursors to the special forces we know and fear today. Each member is based on a real soldier from WWII, and each has their own story and ability set. The campaign is set towards the end of the war. The Nazis are on the back foot, but there's a plan cooking to keep the Third Reich alive and our heroes are set the job of bringing it to a grinding halt. It's big, cinematic stuff that will take players around the world to shoot the bad guys and blow things up. Multiplayer returns, of course, built on the technology developed for 2019's Modern Warfare and Warzone. Mechanics like weapon mounting, smashing through doors and enhanced sprinting are brought along, along with new additions such as boarded up walls and windows you can break through to change the shape of the battlefield. The combat is fast, frenetic and deadly, just how CoD fans love it.

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